Cotton Interlock

All interlock jersey’s are ideal for a gentle introduction to knit fabrics. They are generally well behaved, not too stretchy and don’t curl up at the edges (especially annoying when cutting and sewing!) They tend to sit where they’re told. Knitted from two layers they are generally heavier than single knit jersey. Interlocks tend to look the same on both sides unless there is a printed design on the face.

Interlocks have a good amount of body and bulk and often have a soft comfy casual feel too. Their medium and medium/light weights have a flattering soft drape quality which lies smoothly over curves and doesn’t call attention to the lumps and bumps in the way single jersey can.

Most have a good amount of stretch width wise and some lengthwise, making them ideal for both babies and children's clothing. Perfect for moving around in when they’re so active, and the fabric will stretch as they grow too!

Interlocks come in lots of fabulous designs, some printed and some yarn dyed. The yarn dyed interlocks are especially hard-wearing because the colour and design is knitted within the fabric (not printed on top). The yarn dyed interlocks will retain their colours longer than printed interlocks because the surface print will naturally be subjected to surface wear and tear.

Our printed Organic Cotton Interlocks are of the highest premium quality having been originally made for a baby clothing manufacturer, therefore made to be washed and worn with ease.

Tubular Interlock jerseys are functional and versatile, the go-to fabrics for everything from wrap dresses to cardigans, loungewear, sweatshirts and much more. You have the benefit of extra width and no messy wasteful selvedges too.

Garments such as skirts with fullness, maxi dresses, waterfall and wrap front cardigans can be easily made without ugly side seams.

Did you know ?

Tubular knit fabrics have been used historically for producing sweaters, jumpers and stockings and tights.

But it wasn’t until 1879 that actress Lillie Langtry appeared on stage wearing a tight fitting tubular knit top over a pleated skirt that this wonderful ,practical , tubular fabric was introduced to the rest of women’s wear .

In the 1920’s Coco Chanel popularised tubular knit fabrics making many of her iconic designs (Breton tops being one of her most famous key pieces.) out of the comfortable fabric. So what’s stopping you from making your own classic key pieces from our wonderful Organic Cotton Interlocks?

Use the Tubular Interlocks for seamless sweaters, dresses and more for your own effortlessly chic aesthetic .

We think there are so many brilliant sewing patterns available on the market , but we particularly love two really informative and helpful books for people who are just starting out sewing with stretch fabrics.

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