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Throughout the entire month of March we've reduced the lovely Industrial Elegance - Tropical Wool Suiting from £14.00 to £7.00 per metre. This chic and stylish lightweight all wool dress fabric exudes quality and features a very versatile grey-green allover tone! Click on the product image below for full access to the current Fabric of The Month product spec & pricing

*EDIT - 12/03/2020 - We have now added 2 more fabrics (Natural White - Cotton Muslin, Tribal Voile - Linen & Rayon) to our March Fabric of The Month promotion due to high popularity of Industrial Elegance.

Click on either of the two new fabrics to find a 60sec YouTube feature on the two summer-weight fabrics working together!

This offer is now live until 10:00am Wednesday 1st April 2020 while stocks last. Limited stock as always. Available at both Fabworks Mill Shop and Fabworks Online now
Industrial Elegance - Tropical Wool Suiting - Fabworks Online
Natural White - 100% Cotton Muslin
£2.50 per metre £5.00
Tribal Voile - Linen & Rayon
£5.00 per metre £8.00
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