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Huddersfield woven 100% wool tweeds; exclusive & non-exclusive now in-stock
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Heart Of Huddersfield
Read about our journey to create the new Yorkshire-inspired wool tweeds

Textiles Is In The Blood

Honeycomb Harvest Pullover

You Show Off You!

Cross Hatch Sketch - Viscose / Rayon
£2.50 per metre £5.00
Only 13m left!
Chambray Plaid - Blue
£6.00 per metre
Neon Pastel Peonies
£7.00 per metre
Indigo Purple Gingham
£4.00 per metre
Micro Mono Pinstripe
£4.00 per metre
Mina's Stripe
£4.00 per metre
Only 19m left!
Scheherazade - Spice Mix
£8.00 per metre
Sleek Stripes
£4.00 per metre
Only 12m left!
Boardwalk Plaid
£5.00 per metre
Issey's Perfect Pleats
£4.00 per metre
Chart A Course
£4.00 per metre
Bring me Blue Skies
£4.00 per metre
Only 1m left!
Heathered Grey Flannel
£4.00 per metre
Celestial - Pink Salmon
£6.00 per metre
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