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Drills & Twills are (usually) natural fibre content fabrics that act as great wardrobe staples for most garments, often cotton, linen or viscose, truly versatile and easy to work with fabrics that are ideal for beginners and advanced sewers alike. The drill and twill refers to the weave of the fabric (so it's not knitted or stretchy). Often of medium or heavy weight and ideal for structured pieces such as trousers, waistcoats, jackets, dresses, skirts and crafty projects like aprons, bag making, etc. Turn your drills and twills fabrics into anything from casual to super smart. All round great multipurpose fabrics! Intrigued? Order a sample to try it out. You will find plenty of suitable garment recommendations within each individual product description.

Order your cut length (metres) or sample (12cm x 20cm). It's a straight forward & easy to use ordering system. We're sure that you won't be disappointed.

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Chambray Style - Quatrefoil Lattice
£6.00 per half metre
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Fire - Stretch Corduroy (9 Wale)
£4.00 per half metre
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