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Heart of Huddersfield Collection

It seems you're not the only one interested in these fabrics. There are 2 people on this waiting list too. By clicking the button below to join you'll be the first to know when we launch this product

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Ah ha! You've found it! The secret product page that doesn't actually have a product in it. Well you've found it now so we ought to explain a little more...

Since the beginning of 2019 behind the scenes we've been working hard to make sure that our wool game is tiptop ahead of the A/W season. As Fabworks is a family-run business and West Yorkshire is our home, what better way to invest in local business by taking all the good bits from West Yorkshire and putting them into a collection of fabrics.

You guessed it! We've done a tour of all the mills in Huddersfield and teamed up with the best weavers to bring you our very own Fabworks collection of exclusive wools, all of which will be available to buy at Fabworks Online and Fabworks Mill Shop once the leaving are starting to fall.

We're not giving you too many insights just yet, but you can guarantee that the quality, weave detail and purpose of the whole collection will be second to none. We've picked the wool to be spun, the yarn type to be woven, the weave detail of the cloth, the finish on the cloth, everything! It's going to be fantastic!

The purpose of this page is so that you can jump the queue when it comes to getting all the juicy gossip.

Sign up to our waiting list and be the first to know as soon as this collection is live and available to order! Just tap on the button above to jump on the list. When the new collection launches you'll receive an automated email letting you know the second it's live!

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