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Winter Forest Highland Plaid

View the other photographs to see the scale of Winter Forest Highland Plaid and know exactly what you're buying!

Winter Forest Highland Plaid is a super soft, cosy, warm, durable and resilient mohair. It has a squishy drapey medium/heavy weight handle, great for layering up on a cold winter's day.

With this type of open weave mohair, garments such as coats will need lining, to provide added structure and strength. The deep dense pile obscures the open spaces in the weave. Winter Forest Highland Plaid has a stable handle both width and lengthwise, there is a lot of movement across the bias, but this is what gives this fabric its superb squishy soft drape.

The face and reverse of the superb fabric are both equally beautiful and the large plaid is woven from a dark palette of spruce green, midnight blue and black. The three complementary colours seem to be brush stroked onto the fabric, with the dark sumptuous fabric further enhanced by an over check of uplifting turquoise.

So why not fashion yourself a cosy cocoon coat, cape on poncho type wrap from this stunner. Shawls, scarves and ponchos can easily be make with no need for linings, but coats and more structured pieces will require lining and stabilisers.

If dressmaking isn't your forte, enhance your winter soft furnishings with Winter Forest Highland Plaid to make soft and cosy throws, cushions and bolsters; simply stunning!


Weight: Medium/heavy

composition: 100% Mohair wool

Width: 147.3cm/58"

Pattern Repeat: 33.5cm/13.25"

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