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Russet and Copper Fine Herringbone

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This lovely medium weight wool and polyester blend (with high wool content) has been beautifully woven to produce a fine Tweedy Herringbone pattern with super autumnal tones. Initially you may think that with added polyester it will take away from the fabric's quality, but actually it acts superbly to create more stability and strength in the fabric so that it can serve for a multitude of purposes! 

When looking at the beautiful colours, think falling leaves. Russet gold, mustard and copper tones have all been used in the yarn to makes up this fabric, with a classic black warp woven throughout.

Make a classic Hacking jacket, or any style of skirt you fancy – pencil, A-line, gored or kilt? Smart going out jackets, tailored waistcoats and matching strides? Alternatively, for any suit fans – why not make a classic Tweed suit? Don't forget soft furnishing projects as well! Russet and Copper Fine Herringbone is ideal for blinds, cushion covers, draught excluders and other furnishings around the home!


Weight: Medium

Composition: Wool and polyester

Width: 150cm/59inch

Pattern repeat: 6mm x 12mm


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