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Purple Passion Irish Linen

We have run out of stock for this item.
Due to popular demand we have added this fabric to the Fabworks website as quickly as we could, using photos taken on iPhone 7. No editing whatsoever. We've tried to get the images as close to the true colour of the fabrics  as possible, however unnatural lighting may give slightly distorted look.

Composition: Linen & Polyester

Width: 150cm / 59"

Basic description:

Light/medium weight Irish linen dressmaking fabric blended with polyester for added strength. Rich light plum allover colour with rich undertones. Soft drape quality & handle. A really soft texture and cool feel. Great for most dressmaking pieces.

Detailed fabric specifics:

A light/medium weight Irish dressmaking linen that's woven in a superfine twill weave with extra fine high thread count polyester warp. The apparent use of polyester creates a strong and stable extra close weave structure for the superfine linen yarns on the weft, meaning that the linen fibres are packed closer together to give a very strong and stable dressmaking fabric. The handle and texture is so soft you'd be forgiven for mistaking Purple Passion for a 100% linen. The polyester also acts as an added layer of strength for the fabric so you know that it will wear and wear and wear. A reassuringly soft drape quality means an excellent handle and a truly beautiful fabric. Featuring a subtle sheen which is showcased best when using the fabric in soft drapey styles.

This fabric is exactly the same as Turquoise Sea Irish Linen

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