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Opaque Cream Fashion Neoprene

per half metre
Fabric Code: Z2b13
Product Spec:

This excellent dual sided cream fashion neoprene has a superb squishy malleable and stretchy handle plus a wonderful padded feel due to the incredible tiny microfilaments sandwiched between the two layers of (polyester) fabric. Featuring a soft buoyant drape quality with lots of body.

This warm, versatile, man-made, non-breathable, durable, finely knitted, bonded, stable fabric is extremely opaque and will make amazing high fashion garments, it's super versatility means that you can create a host of styles from cocoon coats to sports luxe styles.

This fabric will stand up on its own (see video for demo).

Composition: Polyester & Neoprene & Spandex

Weight: Medium

GSM: 360

Thickness: 2.5mm / 0.25cm / 0.1inch

Width: 154cm / 60.6inch

Width stretch: firm bounce back

Length stretch: excellent bounce back 

Pattern repeat: N/A

Recommended Makes:

The Maker's Atelier 'Unlined Raw Edge Coat' and 'Shell Dress & Top' are excellent patterns to use with this type of neoprene.

Stitchless TV's Sculptural Bucket Coat will look incredible in this structured thick neoprene.

Cagoul style fishermans popover tops, sweatshirts, bomber jackets & other structured pieces.

Getting Creative:

Try embroidering your own bespoke designs onto the fabric for an individual style. Experiment with marker pens to create your own hand-drawn artwork, the ink will take to the fabric easily. You can even appliqué your own designs onto the fabric too! Use the fabric's padding properties to your advantage with laptop covers, camera cases, lunch bags, fashion handbags and much more. Use your leftover scraps for dog harnesses, coats and straps. Zero waste! We've even seen people wearing pollution masks made from neoprene as this strong 2.5mm thick fabric is non-permeable.

Students!!! This fabric is perfect for laser-cutting. If your collection is a conceptual fashion design with futuristic style, this is ideal. 

Costumes for cos players - very versatile, hard-wearing and stretchy. 

Check out the photos of demo garments for inspirational ideas of what you can create!
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