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Hazelnut Herringbone



100% wool in a warm nutty brown tone, fine Herringbone weave. Soft to the touch with a good, drapey handle and of medium weight, this fabric has a wide set woven pattern. Although it has a rich nutty colour, there is a touch of subtlety and it is seemingly quieter than a more concentrated and densely woven wool, making it stand out from most everyday Herringbone designs.

If you're looking for some ideas for a looser fitting garment, go for a jacket, lightweight coat or cape. If it's a more fitted and structured piece that you're wanting, try a waistcoat, pinafore dress or chic skirt.

There are any number of soft furnishing and craft projects that you can use this classic fabric for - contrast it against creamy tones or blend it in with other similar dark beige and brown shades.


Weight: Medium

Width: 156cm/61.5inch

Herringbone pattern width: 6.4cm/2.5inch


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