Celebrate Fabworks Online's 4th Birthday !!

It's Fabworks Online's 4th Birthday and as is customary every November we're celebrating this landmark !!

Here's what you need to know:

For purchases of wool fabric you will receive FREE woven lining fabric + a reel of Gutterman thread to match


  • 1 x wool (or wool blend) order placed = 1 x FREE lining & 1 x FREE 100m reel of Gutterman thread
  • 2 x wool (or wool blend) order placed = 2 x FREE lining & 2 x FREE 100m reel of Gutterman thread
  • There is no limit to the quantity of fabric you can order to claim this offer
  • Look for the green ribbon-style tab on the top corner of the fabric images to check if a fabric qualifies in this promotion
  • Every lining fabric is chosen by Fabworks and is non negotiable (great quality assured!)
  • Every lining fabric will be a complimentary shade and a suitable match for your purchased woollen fabric
  • Every Gutterman thread will be a complimentary shade and a suitable match for your purchased woollen fabric
  • Knitted wools are not included in this offer, woven wools only
  • 1m wool (or wool blend fabric) = 1m FREE lining & 1 x Gutterman thread
  • 2m wool (or wool blend fabric) = 2m FREE lining & 1 x Gutterman thread
  • All fabrics will be sent in one continuous length
  • This offer applies to orders at Fabworks Online only
  • This offer only applies to cut length fabrics, if you order wool samples we will not send free lining samples or threads
  • This offer also applies Click & Collect orders at Fabworks Online
  • Free linings or threads are not redeemable at Fabworks Mill Shop
  • This offer will expire at 21:00 Sunday 24th November


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