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Designed primarily for clothing, jersey tends to have a good stretch to it and there are many varieties to choose from, it's easy to see why jersey is so fashionable.

Fabworks has a wide selection of jerseys - light or heavy, cotton or polyester, printed or jacquard, and many more! You'll also have the choice of single jersey, double jersey, jersey crepe or sweatshirting.

Lightweight jersey is a great choice for summer clothes such as T-shirts, lightweight skirts and dresses, children’s clothing, and pyjamas. Heavier weight jerseys work well for dresses, skirts, sweatshirts, tunics and jumpers. Most people choose heavier-weight jersey for its added strength and warmth, and a heavier weight material will also help to create a garment with more structure.

On this page you can view our entire Jersey Collection.

If you want to see and feel any of our jerseys before buying, you can order a sample from the individual product pages.

Simply click on a category to explore and discover the individual jersey fabrics available. Each fabric description will specify all the necessary details such as the composition, weight, texture and uses of the item.


Plain Jerseys Sweater Knits
Stripes Crepe Jerseys
Floral Jerseys Double Knits
Checks and Plaids Single Jerseys
Animal Prints Jacquard Knits
Polka Dot and Spots Ponte / Ponte Roma
Cotton Interlock
White and Cream
Red and Pink Cotton Jersey
Orange and Yellow Viscose Jersey
Brown and Beige Polyester Jersey
Blue and Teal
Black and Grey
Purple and Lilac




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