Valentine's Day Gifts 53 results

It’s Valentine’s Day very soon and we’re feeling the love here at Fabworks.

Whether you spend it with your loved one, your friends or even on your own, February 14th is a day of love and appreciation and we've got lots of last minute gift ideas to make it a special one.

Now don’t be fooled! Valentines may seem like a holiday that celebrates those around you, but don’t forget to treat yourself; We’re promoting self love and care in 2022, and we know just how to do this!
Treat yourself to some new fabric and make yourself a new fabulous outfit to strut around in and feel your best! Focus on those pink and red tones that are abundant in Valentines Tradition. Or get yourself a gift, it is a holiday after all!

Take a look at our list below of how Fabworks can make your heart skip a beat this February!

Order by 1:30pm on Friday 11th February to get delivery on or by Valentine's Day if you're UK based! Or, alternatively you can pop into our Millshop, we're open until 4pm weekdays and 2pm on Saturdays.

However you're spending the day, we hope you enjoy yourselves! 

Only 4m left!
Wysteria - Liberty Silk Satin
£12.50 per half metre
Hortensia Rose - Liberty Silk Satin
£12.50 per half metre
Sambourne - Liberty Silk Satin
£12.50 per half metre
Floral Thyme - Liberty Silk Satin
£12.50 per half metre
Only 1m left!
Sussex - Liberty Silk Satin
£12.50 per half metre
Only 1m left!
Dianthus Gingham - Double Twill
£6.00 per half metre
Only 9m left!