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Uber Ultramarine - Twill Melton

per half metre
Fabric Code: A2d47 (A3d12)

Say Hello to Heart of Huddersfield 2021 - The Jewels of Yorkshire!

An Introduction:

Our brand new collection of Fabworks’ Exclusive Bespoke Wool Fabrics. Gorgeous, woollens made up ‘ere int’ mills by Yorkshire folk! 

At first glance, these may look like simple mediumweight Melton fabrics, but take a closer look to see a wealth of weaving expertise is revealed. The lightly brushed yarns are closely woven in a complex herringbone weave, producing a fabric with excellent stability, reassuring drape and a cosy brushed, lightly textured appearance – in other words, a small basket weave.

These combined factors produce a lovely melange of tones, as the warp and weft yarns pass under and over. There is definitely a lot “more than meets the eye” in this subtly textured quality wool fabric.

The Jewels of Yorkshire are solid, bold-coloured fabrics, perfect for lifting your winter wardrobe! Designed to coordinate and complement the previous weaves of Heart of Huddersfield: Thistledown MarlHerringboneMarled Melton, Yorkshire Melton and Birdseye. When it comes to sewing, we have a whole host of fabulous suggestions for teaming the Jewels of Yorkshire with other coordinating HoH wools. We'll be bringing you a blog on this very soon!


Click Here to view our garment suggestions we recommend for this year's Heart of Huddersfield weave.  

Colour Detailing: 

Cobalt Admiral Ultramarine Blue takes its inspiration from the jewel tones of Ceylon Sapphires and rich Lapis hues.

Blue has always been one of the most popular colours. Our love affair with blue pervades the history of humanity. Beloved by the Egyptians, through the centuries, even to modernist artists like Yves Klein. By using the expensive Lapis shade, the Renaissance painters were indicating the importance and wealth of their patrons.

The colour ultramarine was literally a pigment made from Lapis Lazuli the semiprecious stone and mineral, mined in large nuggets which had to travel along the Silk Road, through the mountains of the Hindu Kush, to eventually reach the Mediterranean, where they were then traded as a commodity throughout Europe.

Blue is a spiritual colour, and we associate it with the sea and the sky and the vastness of the universe. Mother nature created these precious minerals and men have appreciated them ever since, attributing to their status and significance.

Colour Coordination:

The jewel tones in this new collection are all complementary and will sit perfectly together should you choose to colour block them in complete outfits or mix and match with other fabrics from the existing HOH range. 

Uber Ultramarine has the same tones as our existing HOH fabric Waterloo Blue and similar in tone to True Blue - Thistledown Marl.

The best way to get up close and personal with these beauties is to order a sample pack containing all 6 new colours from HOH 2021!

Click here to view a range of ex-designer, high-quality, British lining fabrics. Fabworks' 12 Jewel Jacquards, specially selected to complement our Heart of Huddersfield 2021 - The Jewels of Yorkshire!

Alternatively, click here to view our collection of coordinating linings to match the Twill Meltons.

Looking for haberdashery to coordinate with your fabric? Click here for our trims, haberdashery & other sewing essentials!

Weight: Medium / Heavy 

GSM: 395 - 425

Composition: 100% Wool

Width: 148cm / 58 inch

Pattern repeat: N/A

If you are looking for colour inspiration cycle through the photos on this page to see which combinations we have used for Uber Ultramarine!
When ordering please note that all Heart of Huddersfield fabrics are sold in 0.5m units.
If you require a 1m length, make sure to select two (2) units, etc. All cut length fabrics will be sent as one continuous piece.

Read our blog post 'Heart of Huddersfield ’21 Garment Makes - A Deep Dive into Uber Ultramarine Blue Creations' to see some beautiful garments made by other sewists and for tips & tricks on using this stunning fabric!

Click here for any queries relating to the HOH range please see our HOH FAQs page tailored to this specific collection of woollens. 

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Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Fabworks Staff Makes

The 'Uber Ultramarine' is a lovely fabric to use, it sews and presses nicely. - Stephen

Fabworks Staff Makes

I love how bright and bold the colour is.

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