Denim & Utility Style Fabrics 32 results

Here you will find all our denim, denim style & utility fabrics. No, denim is not just for jeans and dungarees, nor is it always that traditional blue. Denim tends to be a woven cotton fabric with a sturdy stable handle, available in various weights and acts as a great wardrobe staple. You can use denim for most dressmaking projects such as jackets, jeans and dresses..

Have you heard of chambray fabric? Chambray is a lightweight woven cotton, from the same fabric family as denim, with its combination of light and dark threads producing its characteristic tone. We've added our range of chambray fabrics to the Denim collection as the fabric properties and uses are similar to what we use denim for! You will find plenty of suitable garment recommendations within each individual product description.

Order your 0.5m cut length (HALF METRE) or sample (12cm x 20cm). It's a straight forward & easy to use ordering system. We're sure that you won't be disappointed.

Heavy Duty Indigo Denim (14oz)
£6.00 per half metre
Navy & Natural - Stretch Denim (6oz)
£4.00 per half metre
Classic Black - Stretch Denim (11oz)
£5.00 per half metre
Dark Indigo - Stretch Denim (10.5oz)
£6.00 per half metre
Designer Wool Denim (8.05oz)
£5.00 per half metre
Blue Jay - Light Flannel Herringbone
£6.00 per half metre
Chambray Style - Quatrefoil Lattice
£6.00 per half metre
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Pink Sand - Utility Stretch Twill
£3.50 per half metre
Natural Unfinished Utility Linen
£7.00 per half metre