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Due to popular demand we have stocked a full collection of sweatshirt fabrics!

In this collection you will find all of the brand new Cosy Brushed Back Sweatshirtings. The quality is great and the price is more than we'd usually pay for this type of material, however the fabric composition, weight, width and other such properties are identical (the only thing that varies is the colour). This is great for mixing & matching where you will need like for like weights (of fabric) if using multiple colours for one garment!

This collection is 'regular' stock! Which means that we can re-stock these fabrics (with a few days notice). The collection of fabrics has been sourced from a new supplier so we're testing the water to start. There are currently no plans to add any other colours to the collection.

Date launched: Valentine's Day 2019...Simply because we love fabric!

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