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Linen is a cool, breathable, strong, natural fibre, traditional fabric. Available in a range of weights, weaves, designs and colours, linen is a perennial favourite. Fabworks is proud to offer linen and linen blend fabrics that have been woven in Ireland and Italy. You will find plenty of suitable garment recommendations within each individual product description.

Order your cut length (metres) or sample (12cm x 20cm). It's a straight forward & easy to use ordering system. We're sure that you won't be disappointed.

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Tribal Voile - Linen & Rayon
£8.00 per metre
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Harbour Check Crinkle
£6.00 per metre
Arabian Adventure Sand Dunes
£7.00 per metre
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Enchanted Garden Linen
£10.00 per metre
Why Have ... When You Can Have Silk?
Sold Out
Villa Tile - Rustic Boho Linen
Sold Out
Villa Tile - Rustic Boho Linen
£10.00 per metre
Mountain Cyclamen Linen
£10.00 per metre
Key Lime Linen
£10.00 per metre
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